A little bit about us

I started this creative journey a few years ago after having a keen obsession with menswear with influences from various London artists including music, art and of course, runway fashion. I found that the simplest outfit could become an instant 'show stopper' with the daintiest detail of an accessory. 'Attention to detail' is everything. I put together a selection of lavish materials bursting with colour and added a touch of sparkle with the finest Swarovski crystals. Having worked with silk, satin and knit, I was able to transformed a simple bow tie into a wearable work of art. From this I created a selection of ties and bow ties and pocket squares in a range of colours for events, weddings and everyday wear. 


Each piece is hand embellished with the finest quality Xillion Rose cut Swarovski crystal elements. To ensure the safety and precision of each crystal, I have used a specially designed machine which holds a heat range up to 340 degrees. Each product is delivered in a Qrystal Empire embossed box finished with satin lining, perfect for gifting... Happy shopping!